A complete file of  your medical records.

A complete file of your banking records

A complete record of your credit card transactions

A complete record of all your internet activity

A complete phone record both of land-line and mobile phone conversations

A complete record of all your emails

A complete record of all your instant messaging.

A complete record of all texts and tweets

A complete postal record.

A complete record of every CCTV image with face recognition technology.

A complete record if your vehicle's movements is fitted with an anti-theft tracking device.

Not just for one day, month or year; but for the whole of your lifetime and beyond.

That this applies not only to individuals but to all businesses as well.

That this information is  held over and beyond the contractual obligations of your service provider.

That this information is held in one place and can be accessed at anytime by someone with the appropriate clearances [which will increase as the need arises].

That access to this information is decided on by a secret court that applies secret interpretations of the law.

That this information can be accessed through one portal.

What could possible go wrong?

Data manipulation?


Human error?

A change to a less user friendly government?

A change in the law, so you had an abortion...hmm.

I wouldn't consider running for office since you sent a picture of your [fill in the blank] when you were 17 and drunk?

You are having an affair please consider tendering your resignation.

No nothing could go wrong, remember Moore's Law; if they cannot do it today, it wont be long before they can.

I haven't done anything wrong, as it stands today, but tomorrow, who knows.

One day you are an upright citizen the next considered a dissident, the status quo may not be so "quo" as you imagine. You turn up to the airport, oh sorry, you're on the list...cant happen, can it?

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Fri Jul 12, 2013 at 02:15 AM PDT.

Also republished by The First and The Fourth.

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