We all remember George W Bush. We remember when he said that one was either for the US governement or for the terrorists. Liberals rightly called him on his simplistic view of the world.

Yet sitting atop of the rec list is a diary that engages in the same type of thinking. One is either for President Obama or one is for Rand Paul and Glen Beck. There are more than two options. And contrary to those who believe that all learning can be measured with a multiple choice test, there are actually more than four possible choices.

You can now continue reading over the fold or you can choose not too. That's a binary choice.

An individual is quite capable of disagreeing with the President and yet not be for Rand Paul.

For instance, it is my belief that the President's education policy I'd horrid. As an educator it's had a profoundly negative impact on my profession. I will further state that while educators had the President's back in the last two elections, he doesn't have ours.

And yet ....

And yet ...

I voted for President Obama in both 2008 and 2012. Do you understand how that works? I'm actually capable of thinking independently. I can disagree with someone and yet still support them. I can disagree someone completely and yet not support their opponents. Do you grasp the concept?

Carry on.


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