Received this e-mail today from House Majority PAC who are making Tea Party Congressman John Kline (R. MN-02) a top target for 2014:
Step back for a second and think about the Tea Party’s war on women and now their war on students. Because people like John Kline and House GOP leaders want to scam students and refuse to compromise, student loan interest rates doubled on July 1st. What's next? A war on puppies!?!

Seriously, though, this student loan interest rate hike didn’t have to happen. But the Tea Party GOP sees compromise and bipartisanship as dirty words. Even so, there's still a chance to make student loan rates affordable.

Can you click here and sign our emergency petition demanding that John Kline and the Tea Party to come to the table and stop scamming students?


It’s up to us to hold the Tea Party accountable for their war on anyone who doesn’t share their extreme views. They’ve gone after women, students - I don’t even know what’s next!

We’ve got to stop this. Click here and demand affordable student loan interest rates.


Thanks for doing your part,

The Stop The Tea Party Team

P.S. Our campaign to get the truth out continues. We've been advertising in John Kline's district and across the web to hold feet to the fire. Add your name now.


You can click here to sign House Majority PAC's petition:


Originally posted to pdc on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 11:00 AM PDT.

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