The Trayvon Martin fiasco reminds me that so often  the whole sense of justice is turned upon its head.

The whole defense turns upon demonizing the victim to such an extent that they become the cause of the crime.

Any victim of rape will know exactly what I am talking about, This seems to be the go to defense.




She was asking for it, she shouldn't have been there.

Oh well they are in prison, what do you expect.

He was walking in an area when black.

This defense of the indefensible seems to be so universally accepted in our society that people shrug or nod when this noxious rabbit is pulled from the hat.

Gosh, you shouldn't have drunk that rufi, you should know better.

Gosh, you didn't really wear that dress, did you, sheesh, talk about slut.

You were walking in that part of town; you're either stupid or a whore.

Wearing a hoodie on the street, so what if it was raining, what did you expect.

They obviously deserved what they got, did you see that they played hookie, wrote graffiti, got drunk, talked to the accused at some point in their lives. They even had the audacity to try and defend themselves and if they didn't defend themselves enough that indicates acquiescence.

Gosh and my favorite

You're playing the victim card.

Oh the profiling that goes on is o deeply ingrained that many victims just become the accused in many peoples minds and sod the facts of the case.

Sorry, but this type of shit just opens up some old wounds.

10:48 AM PT: Watch this remarkable video in the comments h/t to laughingplanet



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