I just read an article and my blood began to boil.  It seems that Juror B-37 is writing a book about the Trayvon Martin case.

From Yahoo

Jump below the orange twist as I pick this apart as to why I am so disgusted

From Yahoo

Juror B37 was described by the Associated Press as “a white woman who volunteers rescuing animals” who has two grown children. She and her attorney husband both had concealed weapons permits, but let them lapse.
1) (Purely my speculation): Her husband is an attorney.  I believe she was coached by him as to how to answer the questioning to be on the jury.  I believe she had a financial motivation for wanting to be selected. Obviously she saw this as a way to cash in given the speed of which she has signed with a literary agent.

2) Both her and her husband have held (past tense) concealed weapon permits.  This should have been an obvious BIAS as to how she would feel about George and his use of a concealed weapon.

From Gawker:

- "I don't listen to the radio" or read the internet, she said. Her only news about the case came from the Today show. "Newspapers are used in the parrot's cage. Not even read," she said. "It's been so long since I even read one. The only time I see em is when I'm putting them down on the floor."
3) Where have most of us heard this meme from?  To me this sounds like the typical rantings of the right wing and Fox News followers
- During questioning, she referred multiple times to "riots" in Sanford after Trayvon Martin was killed. "I knew there was rioting, but I guess [the authorities] had it pretty well organized," she says at one point. In fact, despite a great deal of salivating anticipation by the media both before and after the trial, there were no riots in Sanford, Florida.
4) She refers to riots, but the very website debunks the notion of riots (Remember this was questioning for jury selection).  This again sounds like memes pushed by the right wing and Fox News
- Asked by George Zimmerman's attorney to describe Trayvon Martin, she said, "He was a boy of color."
5) What can I say here. Her quote says it all as to how she viewed Trayvon

When I saw this I looked to see if anyone else had did a diary on the subject, I did find one by a person whose writing I admire.  Here is a link to their diary.  

As it was brief, I wanted to write a bit on the subject an expand upon the implications of this book.

Summed up best by Horace Boothroyd III

There are usually weeks if not months of negotiations and contract parameters discussed for most book deals. But in this case the juror just happened to get it done within forty eight hours of the verdict being read.


As various media outlets have reported on this, I found this editors note of interest
Editor’s Note: The juror has signed with a literary agent, but has not landed a book deal as of this writing. The original post was edited slightly to make that absolutely clear.
Still despicable!

Some Tweets about #B37 from News Sourses

#Zimmerman Juror #B37: On initial vote by jurors: 3 not guilty; 2 guilty of manslaughter and 1 guilty of second degree murder.

— Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) July 16, 2013 ">

Zimmerman Juror B37 says #TrayvonMartin may have acted “suspicious” by stopping and walking without purpose through complex.

— Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) July 16, 2013 ">

Juror on #GeorgeZimmerman: “His heart was in the right place, it just went terribly wrong.” #CNN

— Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) July 16, 2013 ">
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