Fact 1.

George Zimmerman claimed to be headed to Target to buy lunch for the next day.
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Who (in their right mind) needs to pack a pre-loaded, hot and ready gun with 1 in the chamber, plus a full 7 round magazine.....simply to go to go pick up lunchmeat?

Since when are concealed weapon's allowed in department stores such as Target?

Fact 2.

George Zimmerman stated in his walk-through interview with Detective Sereno that Trayvon was "looking around".
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Did it not occur to Zimmerman that Trayvon may have been concerned for his own safety once he realized he was being followed by a "Creepy looking Cracka" in a pick up truck?

Fact 3

Rachel Jeantel testified that Trayvon Martin asked Zimmerman "Why are you following me" (Martin actually asked twice as chronicled 3/28/2013)
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Why didn't George Zimmerman identify himself as a neighborhood Watch person?
Fact 4

George Zimmerman had not one, but two flashlights.
Possible Cross Examination Questions

How was it possible for Trayvon Martin to sneak up on him out of the Darkness?

Why did Zimmerman initially claim that Trayvon jumped out of the bushes, during his initial interview with police, but during the Walk-through the next day there were no bushes near the T section he claimed to be attacked at?

Fact 5

At the conclusion of the incident, it was determined that the larger of Zimmerman's two Flashlights was no longer operational.
Possible Cross Examination Questions

If his flashlight was working when he first left his vehicle, at what point did it stop?

If his flashlight was not working before he left his car, why did he continue to carry a non-working Flashlight?

Could he have intended to use it as a Club?

Is it possible he used it to search for Trayvon,  and after he found him hiding in the bushes, it got broken during the struggle?

Fact 6

Zimmerman contradicts himself during his walk through interview with Detective Soreno when he states that after he got off the phone with Non-Emergency that he saw him (Trayvon)......he then stuttered and changed his story in mid sentence and stated, "as I was walking toward him"
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Fact 7

The Defense for Zimmerman made a point to ask the Jurors why didn't Trayvon run home during the 4 minutes between the time Zimmermman hung up with Police Dispatch, and catching up with Zimmerman.
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Fact 8

He also pointed out that a human can run about a mile in 4 minutes.
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Fact 9

Over 45 minutes worth of Trayvon Martin's phone records were retrieved and put into evidence. However, Trayvon wasn't the person who was on Trial.
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Why weren't George Zimmerman's phone records also put into evidence?

Is it possible that Zimmerman was called by a Resident who spotted Martin as he returned to the Community from the side entrance, and they Zimmerman to come to the location to shadow Martin's movements.

Fact 10

There were four different Surveillance Video operating at the Gated Community Clubhouse, which directly contradict George Zimmerman's claims of how and when he spotted Martin, however none of this  was put into evidence.
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Why not?

Is it possible it would have shown a time discrepancy in Zimmerman's Timeline?  

Fact 11
The Defense attempted to use the Victim's own father Tracy Martin, initial reaction of not being able to recognize his son's voice screaming in agony.
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Why did the Prosecution not use the audio of Zimmerman not recognizing his own voice during an interview with Detective Sereno actually trying to coach him into saying it was.

If Zimmerman was truly the only one yelling for help, why couldn't he recall himself doing so less than 24 hours later?

Fact 12
Zimmerman referenced 1460 Retreat View Circle as being the place where he first spotted Trayvon and that it also happened to be one of the homes that had been Burglarized in the past.
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Why wasn't the owner of this home (Frank Taaffe) called to testify for the Defense?
Fact 13
Zimmerman had once attacked an undercover officer
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Why did Zimmerman not identify himself as being a Neighborhood Watchman?
Could Zimermnan have intended to use his anonymity to entrap Trayvon into an altercation?
Does Zimmerman's actions seem calculated to provoke an incident?
Fact 14

Zimmerman was wearing a long heavy jacket that covered his waistband area
Possible Cross Examination Question

If Zimmermnan's pistol was holstered, behind his back and under his waistband, how was it possible for Trayvon to know Zimmerman had a gun in the first place?

How could Trayvon reach for a gun that was tucked inside the pants of a 200-lb. man lying on his back?

Fact 15
George Zimmerman had Photos taken of himself at the Police Station
Possible Cross Examination Questions

Why is it his nose looks broken and swollen in one photo taken by a cell phone  minutes after the incident (which had no chain of custody) but still allowed into evidence. However an hour later his nose seems perfectly fine, with the exception of a small scratch on the upper bridge of the nose, and no swelling at all?

Why is it Zimmermn's nose injury, as seen in the Police Department photo, seems more consistent with a Gun Recoil injury?

Why is it Zimmerman boots still have blades of wet grass on the upper portion of the tow guard, but the back of his jacket, the back of the boots, the seat of his pants, do not have any scuff marks, or grass stains?

After sustaining what Zimmerman wants everyone to believe was the a life and death struggle, should  there not be more damage to his clothing?

Possible Cross Examination Questions

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