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PPP's newest Virginia poll finds a pretty steady race with Terry McAuliffe leading Ken Cuccinelli 41-37. Those numbers are virtually unchanged from late May when McAuliffe had a 42-37 advantage. Libertarian Robert Sarvis, included for the first time, polls at 7%. His support is a reflection of voter unhappiness with both candidates. - PPP, 7/16/13
Now voters aren't thrilled about Terry McAuliffe (D), his approvals are 34/36 with 30% having no opinion about him.  But voters really don't Ken Cuccinelli (R) 32/47.  Here's a little more info:
The two candidates are tied with men, but McAuliffe leads based on his 7 point advantage with women. Cuccinelli's 75% of Republicans is slightly more than McAuliffe's 73% of Democrats, but McAuliffe makes up for that with a 7 point lead among independents at 40/33. McAuliffe leads with every age group except for seniors, where Cuccinelli has a 7 point advantage that's helping him to keep the race competitive overall. - PPP, 7/16/13
Democrats are also leading in other major races.  Lt. Governor nominee Ralph Northam (D) has a 7 point lead over E.W. Jackson (R) at 42/35 and Attorney General nominee Mark Herring (D) leads Mark Obenshain (R) 38-36.  Democrats also have a slight edge on the generic legislative ballot at 46/42.  The general election is Tuesday, November 5th.  If you would like to get involved with helping Democrats win big in Virginia, you can sign up with the Virginia Democratic Party:


Or you can sign up with McAuliffe's campaign here:


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