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Today I was watching the outrageous video of Sarah Slamen being denied her right to petition her government in Texas. It seems like in many parts of the country, democracy is dead, and no talk about saving unborn life can justify the removal of a citizens right to free speech.

Then I thought of Trayvon Martin.

In his death, Trayvon not only showed America what conservatism looks like, but he exposed the hypocrisy of the Right, which are either silent on the subject of the death of this child who was just beginning to become a man, or in gleeful favor of the releasing of his killer, whose name of which I won't dirty this article.

There are very few people whom I regard truly and fully Pro-life. I met a minister once who was both against capital punishment and abortion. He was one of the few that weren't hypocrites. Most pro-lifers, who are activists, I regard as hypocrites. They are either strangely silent on gun control, or they believe that guns are their God-given right.

In his death, Trayvon exposed the truth, that deep down in their hearts, many conservatives who run this country do not really believe in life. Any elected representative who divides human life into "innocent" life and "guilty" life is a wanna-be tyrant. This is one reason that, after two decades, the pro-choice movement, which I will disclose that I am not a member of, has been emboldened to peacefully petition their governments. They have seen the light that, for most conservatives in power, their version of the pro-life movement is a phoney one. The pro-life emperor has been declared naked by the murder of Trayvon.

The name of Trayvon Martin will outlast, in history, those tyrants who want to arrest protestors in states that have been transformed into oligarchies.

The name of Trayvon Martin has been a wake up call to many other young people who look like Trayvon. With the right leadership, these young people will register to vote in droves and even run for office someday, even if they have a past that would have shamed them into silence in the past.

The name of Trayvon will embolden other teens who are targeted for who they are attracted to, or how they dress, whether in a hoodie or in "drag".

Most importantly, Trayvon, like the Kennedy's, Dr. King and Alexander Hamilton, who was shot in a "duel", forces America to see one enduring image of what gun violence looks like. No pro-gun fantasies can block out this grisly image. No gun-wielding fantasy savior will show up to rescue Martin, in a what-if scenario. It may make people think twice about purchasing that gun. It will embolden mothers who want to stop someone from killing their children with a so-called Second Amendment right, (even in the womb, bullets can kill, pro-life hypocrites.)

I have lurking on the Internet, and I have discovered that those on the right dislike the name Trayvon Martin. I will try to add some links later, but right now I am just too emotional. They have tried to portray him as a substance-abusing, dangerous, trouble maker that is giant in stature and who keeps bad company. It resembles another murder victim in another day, two thousand years ago.

It is my belief that Trayvon Martin, in his death, will become more powerful than the likes of Rick Perry and Rick Scott and whatever puppet master is controlling the wooden doll of Pat McCrory. He will outlast Walmart and ALEC and the NRA. Those names will become footnotes in American history.

As long as we keep Trayvon alive, I believe he will save the country.

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