Apparently this happened within the past hour or so.

By way of Europe's Pink News.

The equal marriage bill for England and Wales has once again been passed in the House of Commons, and will soon will be given Royal Assent to become law.
The final step on the process for civil marriage equality took place today; the House of Commons passed the version of the bill that had previously been amended by the House of Lords (mainly housekeeping items).

Royal Assent is essentially a formality and there is no indication it won't be received. It isn't clear when the law will take effect; the estimates I've read suggest it might take a year or perhaps a bit less than that, since all of the associated statutes need to be revised to provide for the appropriate recognition.

Scotland intends to take up similar legislation in the near future; Northern Ireland recently rejected it but this current move will undoubtedly put pressure on the Ulster government to reconsider.

Another victory for marriage equality. Let's see, in Europe we have England, Wales, France, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and Belgium.

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