The English word "China" can be transliterated into Chinese as "chai na", which means "in the process of demolishing". This has become a popular name for China in Chinese blogosphere, because of widespread practice of forced demolishing of private homes sanctioned by local governments which are eager to cash in on the real estate boom.

Not all people are giving up their homes without a fight. There have been many reports of violent battles between home owners and demolition teams, many of which ended in tragic losses of lives. Now the protest has spread to America.

Earlier this month, the front gate of the Chinese embassy to the US was marked by graffiti, two giant Chinese characters "拆"(chai, meaning "demolish"). Sunday, graffiti also appeared at the front gate of the Chinese embassy to Canada, with the same Chinese character "拆". The action was a group calling themselves "the sparrow initiative", who want to bring international attention to China's arbitrary and lawless demolition of private homes.

Here are the pictures of the two embassies:

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