The bottom of the rock station DJ barrel, Louisiana's Walton and Johnson, just posted the following on their (incredibly racist, awful) Facebook page, regarding the post-Zimmerman protests (emphasis mine):

Is anybody else ready to put an end to this .... Beatings, assault, death threats, ridiculous Lies and violence...Isn't time to sit down and STFU....and as far as the unwarranted violence.... Who thinks its time to have open season on lawless animals ?
And this just a few hours ago, regarding Trayvon's friend Rachel Jeantel:
These are the people for which stand your ground laws where crafted...Holder is right we are nation of cowards for being cowed by the restriction of free speech and expression known as political correctness...Laws like these were invented to stop the Treyvon "thug/gangsta attitude an actions...they were born out fear frm those who just want leave in peace, free thier violent distortion of what life is about...this is where should stand our ground and not allow our own culture to by a course and inferior one
Plenty where this came from, if you want to scroll down their page, and it's not even worth inserting the (sic)s for all the errors in the allegedly superior culture's basic grammar and spelling.  And don't even bother with the comments.  Anyway...

Just further evidence of what Ta-Nehisi Coates was saying when he wrote this yesterday:

The injustice inherent in the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman was not authored by a jury given a weak case. The jury's performance may be the least disturbing aspect of this entire affair. The injustice was authored by a country which has taken as its policy, for the lionshare of its history, to erect a pariah class. The killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman is not an error in programming. It is the correct result of forces we set in motion years ago and have done very little to arrest.
And so we not only erect our pariah class, but we encourage violent containment of it: as I type this police helicopters are swirling above my neighborhood because of feared riots, and the message is clear.

I wish W&J were just a fringe AM radio group, but they're fairly ubiquitous in Louisiana and immediate vicinity.  They've also lost gigs over the past year, but here's their current range:

Houston on 950AM, Austin on 1370AM or 96.3FM, New Orleans on 95.7, Baton Rouge on 98.1, Alexandria on 96.9, Shreveport on 98.1FM, Gulfport-Biloxi on 97.9
You can contact the individual stations if you want (each contact page is linked above), but W&J is contracted by Clear Channel, which is part of the reason their reach is so wide.  CC has a high tolerance for bigotry, but comments that outright advocate violence might shake the confidence of a few advertisers.  Their general contact form is here.

Mostly just shaking my head.  I saw this because I have too many friends from back home in the South who've been sharing W&J's crap on their Facebook pages.  We've got a long way to go.

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