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Oh boy here I go again.

For what its worth: I've been spending my time on a right wing forum, debating the Zimmerman verdict with the wingnuts. I've shamed them every way I can without getting banned from the site. These people aren't just convinced there was a shadow of doubt, they are convinced Trayvon deserved what he got. And most of them are flat out racist. Needless to say, my debate with them is futile. So please, if you want to insult me at least don't call me a troll. I'm on your side damnit.

But in the process of debating this ad nauseum I've gone over audio tapes and testimony and defense/prosecution theories many times now. I can't say for sure if I was on that jury that I wouldn't find reasonable doubt. Here's the reason:

In the infamous police tape, where they ask if he's following him and Zimmerman says "Yes" then "we don't need you to do that" you do hear Zimmerman continue to go for a short time - but only a short time.  I can't say for sure he was aggressively following Trayvon at this point - a case could me made that he was just trying to get eyes on him then head back to the truck.

From his girlfriend's testimony, it also seems that Trayvon may have had the chance to go into the house, but decided to go back. Perhaps to find out why he was being followed. But her statement did make it sound like he was "stiffening up" i.e. deciding he wasn't going to run from anybody. (and why should he? I'm not judging here - just framing my point)

So I've got this nagging voice saying that maybe Trayvon did double back when he could have gone in the house. Of course that is not justification for murder. But if he did double back and encountered Zimmerman walking back to the truck it is possible that a) he mistook Zimmerman for an aggressor and attacked him or b) he was angry and attacked him.

Does anyone know of any evidence/testimony that makes this scenario unlikely?

Well, more than anything I feel bad for Trayvon and his family. So don't get me wrong. But if you can convince me there wasn't reasonable doubt, without hurling insults at me for asking, I'd appreciate the discussion. And if you just want to call me a troll, please just disregard and don't respond (sorry, after one other diary I wrote I'm a little touchy on that).

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