I like many black men before me spent the most productive years of my life serving in this country's military.We black folks have a rich history of serving this country from day one. But sometimes events such as the Martin case have you asking yourself "what's the point".

You serve in many War of Independence battles only to be told later that you are 3/5 of a man. You perform valiantly in Civil War battles to even be awarded the Medal of Honor. Yet you live in fear of former enemies who had their citizenship restored after nearly destroying this country. You serve bravely in both world wars only to be treated worse than enemy POW's in your own country.

I was reminded of my "standing" in this society when I was clearly profiled while in my military uniform. This happened over 20 years ago but it still stings and makes me just as angry as if it happened yesterday.

To an outsider I would imagine we black folks would be seen as the ultimate "gluttons for punishment". But yet we continue to believe that this is as much our country as any one else's (due deference to Native-Americans). See the thing is we've totally bought into the words of the Declaration of Independence. We are vested in the "American Dream". There is this eternal hope that one day we truly will be judged by the content of our character.

But until then I will continue to find my self sometimes asking "what's the point".

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