I don't know about the rest of you but I've been compelled to keep Trayvon Martin alive in my mind, in my writing, in my Facebook posts, in my twitter accounts, in my blog accounts, in my thoughts, and in my heart.  I want his memory kept alive. I don't want his story to be lost, to be forgotten. I don't want him to be lost or forgotten.

The thing that has struck me the most in reading posts, blogs, discussions, responses etc. is how defensive so many people are who are posting about him. They will say any statement, deflect any discussion, go off topic with irrelevant examples, attack and blame everybody from Trayvon Martin, his family, his friends, our President anyone just so that they do not have to look at, or critically examine their own lack of humanity in the untimely death and murder of a kid just barely out of childhood at the hands of an adult who should have handled the situation with more restraint.

Best case scenario, and I personally think this is a stretch, is that the murderer of Trayvon Martin set the wheels in motion for the ultimate tragedy. He obviously racially profiled Trayvon, and took the tall lanky African American kid for a big, bad black guy looking for trouble. I don't know, no one really does except for his murderer.

If his murderer were a man of character, he would stand up and say "I take responsibility for what happened that night. As an adult as a trained individual I should have handled things differently, I took a life, a young life and for that I will be forever despairing, in fact I sometimes just want to die. I ask for forgiveness and stand ready to take responsibility for my actions." This would be the character of a mature adult man.  

 A murderer, ask any cop, will say:
"I didn't do it. It wasn't my fault. He made me do it. He was going to kill me. It was self-defense, He was threatening me, He started it."  I don't for one minute believe what Trayvon Martin's murderer said.

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