OK.  Here’s my 2¢.

I don’t quite understand the furor over putting the Boston Bomber suspect on the cover of the Rolling Stone.  True, his image is loathsome, with its privileged “whatever, man” smirk.  It does provoke loathing and bestial sentiments in me, but then so did the wild-eyed “Can’t touch my ass” glare of Charles Manson.  I don’t recall any complaints at the time the Manson cover was printed.

I do think the editors of Rolling Stone should be boot-camp kicked around the block for the silly descriptive caption at lower right:

“How a popular, promising student was failed by his family…”
Failed by his family my ass.  This jerk-off thought “Hey, never mind all the goodies I’ve been given, such as a first class education, I think I’ll do something that will get splashed all over the newspapers, then I’ll snicker cryptically to friends about being a no-drama guy.”

This is always the first step in the “poor, brainwashed boy—he’s always been so good, how could this happen” defense.  However lame-ass his family was regarding his upbringing, it had nothing to do with his crime.

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