In a presidential general election between Hillary Clinton and any Republican, Clinton will get my vote every time. But if she decides to run in 2016, Mrs. Clinton is unlikely to get my vote in the Democratic primary.

Her expressed support for the invasion of Iraq and early support for enhanced interrogation (i.e., torture), plus the “hard working Americans, white Americans” comment during the 2008 primary campaign are among the most egregious in a long list of grievances that I have against her. Yes, I would happily forgive her if I believed that she is a changed person. But despite her relatively competent, albeit unremarkable, work as Secretary of State, I have no reason to think that she is any different from the self-serving and divisive politician (in my humble) that I voted against in 2008.

That being said, this guy is ready for a woman in the oval office. Who? Like many progressives, I’d love to see Elizabeth Warren run for the Democratic nomination, but all indications are that that will not happen.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of other Democratic women that we might want to get to know (assuming you haven't already). Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) appears to be exploring a run, and I’ve also heard that Kirsten Gillibrand might also be thinking about throwing her hat in the ring (when asked, Gillibrand says that she has “no plans” to run). From my perspective, both ladies have maintained a relatively low-profile, and as a result, I don’t know a whole lot about their voting records yet. But assuming that they have some progressive chops, I am hoping to have a Democratic primary with these ladies, and perhaps others, to consider when deciding who to vote for to be our 2016 Democratic nominee.


Would you like to see Klobuchar and/or Gillibrand run in the 2016 Democratic Primary?

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