I received a frantic message from edrie this morning; she is at risk of losing Sani’s board and care at the ranch. She asked me how things could have gotten this bad? Well, I think I know. edrie is a care taker of people, she is a healer, a creator, a strong and independent individual who puts others first time and time again, (and by others I mean her horse and her friends) even to the detriment of herself. With a number of forces she could not control, she did not see this coming.


If you’ve talked with edrie in the threads then you know that her horse Sani has been very ill, it is the type of illness that could require a human to put their horse down (think Barbaro and Secretariat). He has laminitis, a life threatening hoof condition that requires meticulous care, loving, healing energy and financial resources edrie has struggled to attain. Sani is on special feed and low carb hay, by the end of summer he may be fully recovered. While it has been expensive to treat him, edrie feels she owes it to him.

Last year edrie had hand surgery, she moved into a small room at a friend’s house to heal, but due to negligence on the part of the hand therapist, scar tissue grew in the joints making her hand almost unusable. After months of therapy she is faced with a second procedure where they will put her under and physically force the joints to bend - breaking the tendons free of the scar tissue which will require another six weeks of therapy.

Since her hand surgery she has been unable to make jewelry. This is the way she supplements social security and food stamps to pay for his board and care and her living expenses. She says she hasn’t been able to pay for board since March of this year. Now the barn has given her 30 days to catch up or move Sani to the pasture, something that would kill him with his foot condition.

Edrie just moved again, into a friend’s house to help take care of her. This is the first time in her life she doesn’t have her own home. But she is behind in payments and now the barn is requiring $5000.00 to keep Sani in his paddock.

Even with these stressors edrie feels that these are short term problems, as long as she can pay something toward keeping Sani in his paddock so he won’t be sent to the pasture, she feels time is on her side in the long run. Once her mom’s house sells she will have enough to live on, but for the time being, she is scared.

Tomorrow we are going to the Gift Mart to purchase materials for jewelry making. I am going with her because I know it could be a potentially traumatizing experience for her. It was her dear friend, the owner of Victoga's who was shot and is currently in critical condition. The two employees killed were also close friends of hers. Still, she looks at this as an opportunity to give healing energy to those who are emotionally traumatized from the incident.

For now she is going to put gift certificates on her etsy site. If you would like to know more about her jewelry, please see this diary (after the fold) posted during the Kos Katalogue blogathon last week. Feel free to ask questions about her jewelry making or if there is something special you have been looking for, maybe edrie can make it for you.

Thank you for reading and for being there for a friend.

Excerpted from For the Love of Her Goats and the Many Wonderful Things You Can Find ...in the Kos Katalogue.

In our family, we have a deep love of animals. My daughter can do no wrong when it comes to the animals who embrace her as one of theirs. I believe that if she can express empathy and caring for animals then her heart is growing and developing with creativity and strength. There are some people who have a natural way with animals, who've developed a method of communication that touches deeply the soul of live creatures and who in turn trust them ten fold. While many people love and care for animals, not all of us have developed an intuitive understanding and communication with them that is pervasive and satisfying. If you think I'm trying to say that some people can talk to and understand what an animal thinks or is trying to say, I'm not. I wish it were that simple. But some people just have a way of intuitively knowing and feeling what it is an animal needs, like encouragement, empathy, praise... and moving to the deeper realm of feelings and needs... a way of loving and understanding so special that an animal's life can turn from traumatized to whole.

edrie is such a person to animals and humans. I met her last June at a time when I was in need of healing. I wrote about my daughter, edrie, her horse Sani, and my experience of finding emotional healing in the presence of horses here. edrie is used to facilitating healing, it's what she does intuitively and I am in awe of her for this. So when the opportunity came to promote Kos Katalogue, it seemed appropriate to showcase edrie's jewelry and to provide an opportunity to give back a little of what edrie gives to the Daily Kos community and beyond.

Please spend a moment viewing edrie's work to see how she utilizes energy and healing as inspiration for these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Beautiful Ruby Zoisite and Onyx Earrings
These Ruby Zoisite Earrings are unusual in that the ruby isn't apparent, but the dark clouds are beautiful in the patterning on these stones. The stark contrast between the black and pale green are beautifully offset by the onyx beads.

This stone helps alleviate lethargy and increases both physical and mental energy. Ruby Zoisite is a powerful stone that aids in healing fertility problems, too!

An Onyx bead carefully holds back the storm clouds within this beautiful pair of earrings. Silver beads show the light shining through the clouds, indicating hope is always in the silver lining!

Beautiful multicolored Pearl Necklace
Up to 22" long $125.00
These delicate pearls are individually knotted and accented in sterling silver. The clasps are also sterling with a choice of heart shape designs or other styles.

The necklace length up to 22" will be offered at the same price - it is yours to decide the length of these gorgeous pearls. Earrings can be added at no extra cost.

Teardrop Pearl Necklace with 14K Gold Clasp
The classic elegance of this individually knotted and weighted Teardrop Pearl Necklace is timeless. The Pearls are very high grade freshwater pearls with high luster and are color matched. The shape may vary slightly for each strand. The clasp and finishing beads are 14K Gold. You can choose 16" or 18" with each pearl knotted separately with Japanese Pearl Thread. (For an additional $25, I can make a 20" or 22" strand.)

Earrings are also available in either 14K Gold Studs or single Teardrops with 14K Gold wires upon request at no extra cost. (Prices vary according to Pearl size.

Vibrant Jade Teardrop and Pearl Earrings
These beautiful teardrops will grace the wearer for any occasion! The earwires are sterling silver enhanced by silver rondelles to accent the teardrop Pearls that top the Jade.

These classic earrings are a beautiful addition to any woman's collection!

forever yours - beauty that lasts 1000 years
18" $175.00
this necklace made from petrified wood comes from the living tree changed through quartz chalcedony mineralization over 1,000 years. simply put, the tree has turned to stone - holding forever it's history and it's beauty!

the polished round beads accenting the rough stones are also petrified wood, giving a sense of movement throughout this beautiful fossil.

the rough and smooth combination represent the rings of living encountered by all living creatures as we pass through the journey of this life.

Pink Agate and Rhodonite Earrings
These lovely "pretty in pink" earrings are made from teardrop agate wth rhodonite rondelles separated by sterling beads for the perfect accent. The rich pink is softened by the natural grey tones of the stones. These are a lovely addition to any collection!
edrie's Shop on Etsy
Paypal link is edrie.blackwelder@gmail.com

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