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AC360/Anderson Cooper Interview with Marissa Alexander's Attorneys And Opposition (Plus: Discussion on Angela Corey)
Chris Hayes Coverage, July 15:

Original diary - Thursday July 18

CNN Interview With Marissa Alexander from 2012:

Before the trial, her abusive husband, Rico Gray, gave a deposition in which he admits to battering and beating Marissa. He admits that she never pointed the gun at him. And he admits she was right to do what she did. He later changed his story in court. There are more documents on file, the full deposition and letters in Marissa's defense from others who witnessed her abuse.

Last Saturday, July 13, George Zimmerman walked out of a courtroom free, after stalking and killing a teenager, claiming self-defense. Today, Marissa Alexander is in prison, away from her children, for hurting no one.

The biggest crimes now seems to be within our court system. America will not stand by and see her get lost in the shuffle of women incarcerated for defending herself.

Here are some actions we can take:

Sign: Petition to Florida Governor Rick Scott

Email:Governor Scott directly.

Visit: Facebook page: FreeMarissaNow national campaign

Let's take care of this. Let's get this done, for Marissa, for battered women, and for American democracy.

Rico Gray Court Deposition Screen Shot 1
Rico Gray Court Deposition Screen Shot 2
Rico Gray Court Deposition Screen Shot 3
Rico Gray Court Deposition Screen Shot 4
Letter From Gray's Ex-Wife:
Quotes From Alleged Ex-Wife - Screen Shot 7: From Rico Gray’s ex-wife: “I left him after that fight and moved in with my mother. A few weeks later we were on talking terms again for my daughter’s sake. I was on my way to work one evening and he came by wanting his tag off the car I was driving. I refused to give him the keys so he jumped on me. This time I (was) about 4 or 5 months pregnant so I was thinking to protect my baby. I hit him with everything I could pick up to get him out of the house. He stumped me over and over and kicked my belly. He has hitme in the head with a gun and still to this day I have a broken nose thanks to him. (He) is very conniving and manipulative. He can be so sweet and convincing but once you were where he wants you, he turns…”
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Also from another diary... (TRIGGER WARNING)

According to research by Mother Jones:
Domestic violence is the No. 1 cause of injury to women. The incidents add up to more than all the rapes, muggings, and car accidents women experience each year. One out of every four women in the United States will be physically injured by a lover in her lifetime. That translates into a woman being assaulted every nine seconds in America. Immigrant women are beaten at higher rates than US citizens, and African American women are subjected tothe most severe forms of violence. Not surprisingly, a shaky economy just makes these numbers worse.

In 2005 1,181 females were killed by their intimate partners in the U.S..

If your are being abused or know someone being abused, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE

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