After working hard to help President Obama and Congressional Democrats to pass Obamacare, what role will America’s labor movement play to make sure uninsured folks are signed up for its benefits?

There will be some state governments which will do all they can to undermine the purpose of the act.

There will be other state governments which will do little or no outreach to the poor and low wage workers to inform them of this opportunity.

As estimates of the costs for individuals and families continue to drop, the opportunity grows.

So what can America’s labor movement do to make Obamacare as broadly used and effective as possible?

Here are a few ideas:

    assemble the broadest possible coalition, including faith leaders, health professionals, community and civil rights groups, health advocates
    pressure state governments to develop outreach programs like motor voter efforts, mass media efforts, and implement the state exchanges
    develop a strategy with the coalition, health providers, pharmacies, preferred providers to sign patients up for Obamacare
    develop a broad-based community strategy to reach as many uninsured as possible: doorknock low wage worker neighborhoods, use union members to reach neighbors and extended family members, develop a faith strategy so healthcare issues can be discussed in Houses of Worship, hold community health fairs that are fun with music and comedy, checkups, preventive care, and signing up for Obamacare.

One thing is clear, organized labor has a major role to play in the implementation of Obamacare.

I’m interested in exploring some opportunities for deeper strategic work in organizing, mobilization, communication, coalitions organizational change, politics, or bargaining campaigns and negotiations either on a consulting or full-time basis. If you know someone who could use my skills please contact me here. Thanks very much!

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