Detroit is filing Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

Here's how I would look at forming a rescue plan.

1) If you are a detroit pensioner, you only draw your pension if you are living in Detroit.
Your check is cut in half but you get half but have to live in Detroit 270 days a year.

2) If you are a creditor, there will have to be a big cramdown, but, they are given 2 abandoned homes in Detroit.  Every small business person has a layabout useless relative.
Have them live there.

3) if you are a  veteran, offer to give them 2 houses, if they live in one of them for 7 years, they get both of them as property.

4) City employees must live in the city.

5) start a homesteading program to encourage artists to live in Detroit.

Detroit needs to get people living back there, and they need to stop the cash bleeds.

Anyone got other better ideas?

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