issue. My son , a die hard right winger just asked me to buy a gun in Oregon under my name that he would pay for. When I asked why he said that he can't buy a 45 in CA so would I buy one for him in Oregon. Then he made some weird comment about when the apocalypse happened he wanted to be armed to the teeth. I found an excuse to get off the phone and have been alternating between rage and horror. Please help me come down.

When I called Cabelas I was told that of course they sell 45s in CA but the only difference is that you have to register the gun at the time of purchase...

I am not going to get him an unregistered gun that will trace back to me. I am a smidgeon away from not taking any more calls from him since he is willing to put me or my husband at risk and I wonder if he can't legally buy a gun (if so why?). I don't even begin to understand his mind. We have had problems in past because of issues between my stepfather & mother and me about what they did to me as a child. I thought we finally got past that and got past his right wing nuttery but now I realize we didn't get past anything ... he is just as willing to use me as they did. Is it something wrong with me?

To think he would ask me to enlarge his arsenal... Yuck and now I am afraid to even let him in my house because of this deception and what his comments revealed about his minds workings. Is this as serious as I feel it is?

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