I'm trying to find the right day for people to see the Daily Kos Work Bank. This is my first Saturday try. The targets are both people in need of work and people who need work done.

There is also a new group, Daily Kos Work Bank. Everybody is welcome join, those with work, and those looking for work. And now, on with the show. For my part, this is a repeat of the last few Work Bank Diaries. The real key is the comments, where people who need work done can get together with people who need work.

What is the difference between work and a job? A job is regular. A job has a paycheck, benefits, a place you go every day, perhaps even people you like and a career you love. Work, though, work just pays some bills. It buys a meal or two, helps pay the rent. It's independent contracting, another way of saying "I've just got this one little thing I need done - I can't hire you full time." So ...

I've just got this one little thing I need done - I can't hire you full time.

Seriously. I do. And I bet a lot of other people here do, too. People with websites that need redesign or debugging, people with brick-and-mortar or on-line stores and not enough customers, writers in need of editors, and more, are all people who need people, even if just for a little while.

I propose a Daily Kos Work Bank. I'd truly love to see a Daily Kos Job Bank, but that's harder. Jobs require interviews, resumes, references. Work just requires qualifications and a willingness to get the task done.

I'll start. As some of you know, I run a wine magazine in my spare time, when I'm not practicing law or taking care of the family along with my wonderful wife. I also run an associated Ad Network of wine websites. We're working on a dedicated campaign for wine stores that hold free tastings. You can see the program HERE. We're looking for salespeople willing to cold call wine stores to pitch the ads. It's commission-based, $25/sale. If you're interested, EMAIL ME.

Do you have work for people? Can you help a fellow Kossack buy a meal, pay the rent, turn on the phone? Post it in the comments. If we get a hot response, maybe we can convince the Big Orange Powers That Be to make it a regular post.

Who else has work to be done? Who else needs some work, in addition to their job or while they look for one?

Put it in the comments, and please join the Daily Kos Work Bank group.

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