• The President is still negotiating CUTS to Medicare and Social Security with the GOP behind closed doors

• Journalists are being held in contempt of court for not divulging sources

• The NSA is spying on Americans (but they'll never use it)

• The NID lied to Congress

Important issues to consider on Daily Kos

• Obama, allies revving up fight for Obamacare

• House Republicans pass No Child Left Behind overhaul, predictably leaving children behind

• McCain blocks Joint Chiefs Chairman over personal vendetta

• This week in the War on Workers: Fast food workers strike over lack of air conditioning

Now don't get me wrong, the second list are all important but are they as important as the first list? You'll see little to nothing of the first list but plenty of the second list on the FP. And surely if there's some schadenfreude regarding the GOP we'll get many articles about it.

I came here as a Howard Dean supporter. Our commonality was questioning what the goverment was doing, both parties. Now not so much.

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