There are over half a million bridges in the United States.  If we sold them all and broke them down for scrap, we'd make at LEAST a million dollars, assuming that we got 2 dollars for each bridge.  Of course the profit will be higher than that.

Therefore, the logical business solution is to sell them all, and put the profit into the stock market.  

We'll make MUCH more money that way.

(More perfectly rational Logic on the flip)

In America there are thousands and thousands of homes owned by banks that have no residents.  At the same time there are thousands and thousands of people homeless, or in situations without stable housing.  Logically the correct step is to knock down all of those houses and increase the value of the remaining homes.  The homeless will be forced to find work and increase their own value in order to afford a house.

Thanks to the SCOTUS, we now have fewer protections for voting.  The logical next step is of course to simply stop having elections.  They are a waste of time and money, since the conclusion, (Thanks to Gerrymandering) is foregone.  We will simply assign representatives from each of the major parties, and replace them with members of their families or retainers when they are no longer able to perform their duties of running their estates... uhm, I mean districts.

Women are having their bodies legislated.  Of course the logical next step is to simply extend the legislation to men as well, at least men who have proven that they cannot maintain their own financial affairs.  When assigned to a case manager (hereafter referred to as owner) said case manager will have all authority to make financial and moral decisions for those who are not socially mature enough to handle themselves.  (They're such children)  Of course, those in such conditions will be subject to their owner's justice, and running from said owner will be considered a crime, punishable by being returned to the owner.

It has been determined that laws do not apply to corporations that are Too Big to Fail.   Therefore, the logical next step is simply to have all corporations merge with government.  In this case, there will be no separation of corporation and government, and the decisions will be safe and secure ones, cutting out the bureaucratic red tape that prevents what needs to be done from getting done.  After all, what's truly important is that the services we are used to run efficiently and on time.

Finally, it's clear that we have far too many people in this country who are unemployed, or otherwise NOT a part of the system.  They are a drain on the rest of us.  Therefore, the next logical step is simply to stop letting them be a drain.  If we eliminate all social services and aid, the poor will either quickly learn to support themselves, or they will cease to be part of the problem.  

All completely logical.

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