The Missouri River is the reason that Fort Benton, Montana exists. It was originally founded as a trading post for the American Fur Company in 1846 and is the longest continuously inhabited community in Montana. The location for the trading post was selected by the Blackfoot Indians. For the traders, its location on the river provided relatively easy transport to St. Louis, Missouri some 2,000 miles downstream. Shown below are some photographs of the Missouri River at Fort Benton.

9418 photo DSCN9418_zpsc391249b.jpg

9419 photo DSCN9419_zpsc80671cb.jpg

9420 photo DSCN9420_zps06044604.jpg

9697 photo DSCN9697_zpsd135fff2.jpg

9703 photo DSCN9703_zps8077abb3.jpg

9711 photo DSCN9711_zps51d07fe4.jpg

9718 photo DSCN9718_zps18ce414f.jpg

9719 photo DSCN9719_zpsecc1e0f4.jpg

9723 photo DSCN9723_zpsdafbef54.jpg

9730 photo DSCN9730_zpsf15c98b2.jpg

9737 photo DSCN9737_zpscae09f47.jpg

9738 photo DSCN9738_zps17a2e2a4.jpg

9739 photo DSCN9739_zps2709b5f3.jpg

9740 photo DSCN9740_zpsf7d8fe90.jpg

9741 photo DSCN9741_zpsa3739888.jpg

9742 photo DSCN9742_zps628698e3.jpg

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9816 photo DSCN9816_zpse9369eec.jpg

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