If a cell's highlighted orange, it was written by a front pager.

This week had a lot of diarists I've never seen on the top 15 list before, and the largest proportion of community content to front pager content I've ever seen—13 out of the top 15 stories were produced by community members. Really amazing.


As usual, the Reddit list is dominated by community content, with a double-appearance by David Harris Gershon.


Two comics and a post by some dude named "kos" means the majority of the top 5 on Twitter this week was front-page content.

If you can't see my tables, let me know in comments and I'll insert screenshots. Usually it has something to do with browsers that my tech-challenged brain doesn't understand.

And that wraps up this week in social media. Thanks to y'all for writing such diverse and engaging content and for sharing it in so many ways. If you haven't already, and you're into that kind of thing, find/follow/fan Daily Kos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and/or Google Plus. And remember that sharing outside the Big Orange is just one more way to show love to your fellow writers and community members beyond tips and recs.

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