This series focuses on the region from where the roots of Western Judaic and Christian civilization of today are traced: the northeastern, eastern, and southeastern region surrounding the Mediterranean from what is today Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine,  Jordan, Iraq, (western) Iran, and Egypt.  A similar evolution and change happened in the (farther) East that became dominated by Islam and Hinduism.

Note: The term androcracy is used to describe a social system ruled through force, or threat of force by men. This term derives from Greek root words Andros or “man,” and kratos (as in democratic), or “ruled.”


Inanna, Sumerian Mother Goddess
Inanna, Sumerian Mother Goddess
The philosopher and scholar of mythology, Joseph Campbell said, “What is a god? A god is a personification of a motivating power of a value system that functions in human life and in the universe.”

British classical scholar, linguist, and feminist Jane Ellen Harrison wrote in “Themis,” “Gods and religious ideas generally reflect the social activities of the worshiper; that the food supply is the primary importance for the religion; that the diamon precedes the full-blown god; that the Great Mother is prior to the masculine divinities.”[1]

Religion is a construct, then, of the collective intelligence and state of evolvement of language: it fills man’s need for explaining what he instinctually desires and yearns for, and as language of his time enabled him to do, to develop his perceived explanations of the perpetuity of life – its continuity after death. In order to lock this new paradigm of male superiority over the feminine into the psyche of all, it was imperative to reverse the Great Mother as prior to the masculine divinities. The Goddess had to be denigrated and then eliminated. The deity had to become male, and man had to be designed in his image. This transformation to be instilled into the collective psyche of humans took 3000 years.

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