Good news, everyone. Lily-white conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin took time out of lovingly polishing the trinkets in her Mitt Romney memorial shrine and closet pillbug casino to let America know that serious racism just doesn't much exist anymore and "most Americans" have never personally experienced it, so black people should stop bringing it up already. Barack Obama in particular needs to stop bringing it up, so that:
"… we get out of this racial archeology and we begin not to ignore problems that still exist but not be held prisoners forever in a past that most Americans have never personally experienced. And I think it is time to stop using this both as a crutch or as a method of stirring up his base."
Remember, kids, race troubles in America had nearly disappeared until Obama got elected and started bringing it up again. Everyone was fine with the Trayvon Martin case until Obama started injecting blackness into it. It's getting so that an innocent black kid can't get shot dead by neighborhood vigilantes anymore without someone making a damn scene over it.
"... because it doesn't solve anything, it makes people more distrustful of one another, and it convinces people that the justice system, of which he is in charge of now, is somehow corrupt, and dishonest!"
The current justice system is, you will note, famous for its remarkable colorblindness. Or at least it would be, if you bastards out there stopped pointing out all those stupid statistics and things. It's also uncanny just how colorblind all these new southern-state voting requirements are. (Imagine if we were as zealous about regulating the banking sector as we were about describing the requirements necessary for minority voters to prove they deserve to cast a ballot. A requirement that banks show proper paperwork for the houses they foreclose upon very nearly resulted in apoplexy.)

Fortunately, the good modern conservative does not believe in statistics or numbers or evidence of things, which is why all of the most brilliant minds of the movement (and Rubin, who is not of that camp) were entirely stumped when polls showing Mitt Romney getting his gold-plated ass handed to him resulted in an election in which Mitt Romney got his gold-plated ass handed to him, and why conservatives like Jennifer Rubin and John Roberts know that racism has been defeated because conservative white people are, well, pretty sure of it.

"It's very tempting for politicians like our president because he knows that he can make those people jump, um, when he screams. And I think that it's both sides of the problem. We have to elect better people. And I don't mean people who agree with us, I mean people who are better people, who are people who are better than this president. And I mean that very directly, I do not think this man is a good person. I don't think he's honest, I don't think he understands the ramifications of the words he says, he wants to incite people and rally people for political ends, and that is not a good person."
I'm going to just point out here that pundit Jennifer Rubin, that Jennifer Rubin, is accusing someone of not being honest, of not understanding what comes out of their own mouth, and of knowingly bullshitting people to achieve a political end. Not made up.

I don't doubt for a minute that Jennifer Rubin thinks "most Americans" have never experienced or been affected by racism, thus relegating further discussion of it to the status of "archeology." I'm sure Rubin's version of "most Americans" is a group of people you or I would not particularly recognize, and I'm even more sure that the assertion is a self-fulfilling one: Rubin believes most Americans have never personally experienced racism simply because if any American claims otherwise, be it John Lewis or Barack Obama, they are tossed on the "dishonest" pile, troublemakers just trying to stir things up, and we are told that we need to elect new politicians that will not mention such outrageous things.

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