I've been married for almost 25 years. My husband has made some mistakes. The most notable of which was after sawing through a maple tree limb and getting the saw stuck, he grabbed the branch, hung from it, and it came crashing down, breaking his leg at the ankle. He got on the phone and dickered with the doctor and then presented himself to be casted.

The cast was supposed to be on for 8 weeks. But he had a vintage Italian trials bike he was getting a lot of enjoyment from and after a few runs through the creek [even with a garbage bag wrapped around the cast] the cast got soggy and he began cutting off the non-stiff parts. Luckily he was/is a fast healer and the bone stitched up nicely.

That's the kind of dumb stuff my husband gets up to, or used to do. Now if he's got some spare moments he reads biographies or schematics. Or he picks up a guitar and practices. Or keeps up his chops on a drum kit. Or he may call some friends to gab about gear and and ask about their happenings, or he mows the grass, or he's fixing something, or listening to music.

The only persons he texts are our daughters, because they trained him to do it. And only if he is forced to because they are working or not picking up and he needs to get them info.

He hasn't flirted with anybody ever, nor has he cheated. Occasionally he will steal my chocolate or gummy bears and eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon. I accept these transgressions.

I don't think he's that unusual. Maybe he is. But you can imagine why people might think you are a bit of a freak with too much time on your hands and not enough ambition for avocations to keep you in good stead with with any political vocation you might want. You are embarrassing. You are inappropriate. You have no self control. That is all.

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