I just watched an amazing German movie: The Hairdresser. Courtesy of Netflix.

It's mostly a comedy and I think a fat suit was involved part of the time.


Don't want to introduce spoilers, so:

It's about Kathi, who is a brilliant hair stylist, and who moves back to Berlin with her teenage daughter after breaking up with her husband who is having an affair.

Kathi grew up in East Berlin (think: Stasi) and I believe that's where she moved back to. Certainly the elevator never seems to work.

Anyway, she goes for a job at a beauty salon, and they reject her for being too fat ("not aesthetic").

So she busts her butt to open her own salon next door.

It's not exactly a Hollywood ending -- for one thing, right before Scene I she has been diagnosed with MS -- but it's a feel-good flick with not-Hollywood-gorgeous stars, a terrific script, and lots of great acting and direction.

If you have a Netflix account, stream it.

I think you'll be glad you did.

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