UPDATE:  continued from yesterday

I am calling out a time and place to meet,  as we discussed.  40 Kossaks are on our NM list, more than doubling the roll after my diaries on Saturday and Sunday,  although some live too far to get to ABQ easily.

So here it is, returning to the site of the first NMKos meeting at least five years ago:

Kelly's Brew Pub
3222 Central SE
Albuquerque, New Mexico

(SW corner of Central and Wellesley, between Girard and Carlisle,  4 blocks east of the UNM campus)

2 pm Sunday, July 28, 2013.  

Please RSVP promptly by comment here so we can tell Kelly's how many there will be.  Kelly's does booze and "American" eats.  I called for indoor seating because it will be bright and hot and sunny and squinty outside.

Afternoon, because some of us will be coming in from over 100 miles away and I try not to drive at night these days.


Dallasdoc  (confirmed)
Land of Enchantment  (confirmed)
jnhobbs (confirmed)
Wendy's Wink (strong maybe)
jan4insight (strong maybe)
emobile (confirmed)
fbihop (confirmed)
divineorder (confirmed)
Jakkalbessie (confirmed)
congenitalefty (confirmed)
native (confirmed)
samddobermann (strong maybe)
jainm (confirmed)

Hope to see you all there.  I'll keep updating this RSVP list.

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