Zakeia Tyson-Cross shares her thoughts on pop culture in the following poem:

Can I have your attention?
Just for one moment
I have a point to stress
A product for you to see
It’s made with the best synthetic materials
Often passed as organically natural
If you eat or drink it
You will instantly become hooked
Like a junkie looking for its last fix
It may devastate your system over a period of time
Cause you to develop erratic cells
To form more violent ones
Make your youth look depressingly old and worn
But you will get your monies worth
And I will capitalize….

Off your looks, your blank intelligence
Your lack of consideration for others and yourself
Your poor sense and inability to feel
Hurt, love or see good and evil

What’s left?
Nothing… Nothings left
Just recycled rubbish passed on by the old
Making it feel like new
Have I sold you on this yet?
Or do you need me to draw it out
With glitter and Pepsi on the side
Or do you need an entourage
Of prepackaged ideas dipped in no resolution
With an expiration date of never…

I’m finish—my time is up
You can put your fist down, blow out your lighters
And scrapbook your photo clippings and signs
My action and words may be moving
But not enough to make you want to free yourself
From your Enter-tain-ment

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