The Tea Party Republicans have been trying to find something, anything, that could be used to bring articles of Impeachment against President Obama. Now the salivation has started over the prospect of using a missle strike of Syria without prior congressional approval as exactly those grounds. The republicans may proceed with this if Syria is bombed especially since a number of Congressional critics of the proposed operation are Democarts, leaving them in the awkward position of being consistent or helping the crazies trying to oust the first Black man from the White House.

The American people aided by the media corporations certainly won't see this presented in a historical context either. The fact that republican Saint Ron Reagan invaded Granada in 1983 on slight grounds won't be mentioned.  G.H.W. Bush's unsupported invasion of Panama in 1989 to keep President Noriega from spilling the beans about Bush's involvement in the CIA cocaine adventures won't be mentioned either. We will not be reminded of the lies leading up to the invasion of Iraq in Operation Desert Storm used as justification for that FUBAR. We won't mention Clinton's 1998 multiday bombing of Iraq to "degrade" Sadam Hussains's WMD capabilities. Even though that seems to be the pattern used in the US bombing of Libya.  However, we will hear, ad naseum, about similarities between W. Bush's improper, illegal, imoral, and unexcuseable invasion of Iraq in 2003 and any military action in Syria.
President Obama should present a plan to punish Syria to Congress that includes both military and non-military punishments. Sure, it might be voted down in the House but that could be turned on the Republicans asking why are they supporting radical Muslims, baby killers, Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran. If the tea partistas wern't so intent on deposing Obama those names are what they would be calling the left progressives asking for restraint.

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