I've never created a diary before so forgive me if I'm screwing something up, but based on all of the Larry Summers rants lately, it seems safe to say that most of us hate the idea of having him be nominated to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve. In a Facebook post today, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich wrote this about Larry:
"Personally, I like Larry...But he has the tact and personality of a bull in a China shop, and he's been notoriously wrong about a few big things."
Even The Quartz's Mattew Phillips listed 3 reasons he would be a bad choice as:
1. He was a big part of the Clinton-era deregulatory push that led up to the financial crisis

2. He was especially wrong about derivatives

3. He was hostile to warnings about the financial crisis

With all that said, I started a petition on the White House's website to pop this trial balloon before it actually takes off. So feel free to click the link below and sign it. Or don't sign it. You're still great either way.


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