Oy.  He's at it again.  Iowa Congressman Steve King (R, IA-4), not content with comparing DREAM kids to "drug mules with cantaloupe calves", and then doubling down on the floor of the US House of Representatives, has now gone as far as saying that he's "seen them while patrolling the border".

Actually, the headline is "Steve King says he has personally caught undocumented drug mules with cantaloupe calves".

He makes the claim on the Laura Ingraham radio show:

“That description comes from many days down on the border, riding and sitting with the border patrol and without them at night, no night vision, watching the shadows come across the border, picking people up personally with my hands, unloading illegal drugs out of a vehicle with a false bottom under the truck,” he told Ingraham. “I mean this is a personal experience and I sit there at night and border patrol agents would come to me one at a time in their civil clothes and talk to me clandestinely…This description is the description from that kind of experience.”
Here's the sound clip:
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/... params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]  Sorry the embed doesn't work.

Steve King, protecting the border.  Doesn't that make you feel safer at night?

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