What did you do to reduce your carbon footprint this week?

YeloVelo was in the shop, so I tried commuting in my recumbent High Racer, a Bacchetta Strada. (I fell on a century ride about 10 years ago and broke my elbow - I can't hold myself up for an extended period of time, so I can't ride regular upright bikes anymore.)

The Strada:

who where, and what story!!??
So how did it go?

YeloVelo has a stereo, a mesh seat, water at my fingertips, my iPhone right in front of me, room for everything I need plus what I want, and the ability to just stop without putting a foot down. The Bacchetta is the twitchiest, most unstable, ill-behaved beast I've ridden since my first wife (though in all fairness to the Bacchetta, it doesn't have a drinking problem). YeloVelo is heavier, but more aerodynamic. It's slower to accelerate and I have to push to go up hills. Downhill? WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I was surprised, but YeloVelo was faster over the entire 18.5 miles to work.

I got it back today, and will be riding it home from work. If you're in Indy along the Monon, look for me and wave. The Monon? It is a fantastic rails-to-trails park that lets me go from home to work, 18.5 miles, with only about a mile of it on a street, rather than a bike trail.

What did you do this week to reduce your carbon footprint, and how easy does your community make it to be green?

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