Know your enemy.  That is often good advice.  In the case of the battle for marriage equality, we kept an eye on Maggie Gallagher and the other folks at NOM.  

There is someone perhaps even more vile at MassResistance.  Amy Contrada is the "writer" behind the vomit which issues from that "organization."  

I could say something catty about her, like how much she looks like a transwoman in the midst of a transition, but I will resist.


Her most recent effort was posted almost a week ago:  How state and federal money is "empowering" troubled young men in dangerous lives as "transgenders".  In this case the scare quotes are hers.

While others are worried about the school to prison pipeline, she writes about what is, to her, the crime, prostitution, AIDS pipeline.

She claims that schools are encouraging children to experiment with cross-dressing and transgenderism…I guess because not prohibiting something is synonymous with encouraging it.

She has written before about how LGBT youth programs are radically promoting the transgender "lifestyle."  And she was and still is up in arms about how the state of Massachusetts passed the Transgender Rights Law and the Massachusetts Department of Education issued guidelines which aim to promote the acceptance and support of transgender students.  Except Ms. Contrada uses words like "force" in place of "promote".  And she warns her readers about how students and faculty will be punished if they voice disapproval.  

She is positive that everyone should rather know that it is the transgender student who should be punished.

At the link above you can see how she spends her time, going to LGBT Youth rallies and taking pictures of transwomen so she can identify them as "young men."  That seems to be her special joy.

She said she sought out police protection - lie.  The truth is Amy was following the youth around with her cameras all day long, and never needed any police protection.  It was Amy who was the creepy adult following young people around, not the supportive accepting adults cheering alongside the parade route.


But what happens to these kids after they leave school?  Unfortunately, this bizarre, unnatural "identity" causes many of these already troubled youth to become even more dysfunctional.  Some quit school early.  Many of them get involved with drugs and alcohol.  A shocking number of them become almost completely disengaged with normal life.  They leave home and wander the streets, falling in with other troubled people.


Of course, she ignores the fact that many of those who do leave school do so because of the way they were treated by the other students and the adults prior to the Massachusetts DoE guidelines.  The drugs and alcohol are often an attempt to self-medicate the depression they suffer because of an unaccepting society.  And the "leaving home" is most often at the request of the parents who reject them.

She is most upset with the Boston Alliance Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth organization (BAGLY), which she consistently identifies as "state supported."  I imagine they have a grant.  Or perhaps she is taking that from BAGLY's role in the establishment of the National Youth Advocacy Coalition and the Massachusetts Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth.

Today, BAGLY provides community-based leadership development, health promotion and social support programs for Massachusetts LGBTQ youth communities, and is a leader in local and national LGBTQ youth advocacy work and workforce development.
She claims that BAGLY and other LGBT Youth groups are tax supported.  
Many of these "transgender" male youth, a high proportion of whom are black, find their way to "gay" oriented commune-like places run by equally dysfunctional adults, such as a male transsexual "house mother."


As for the organizations that help LGBT Youth?
These young men need real help and healing.  But instead, these groups work to further enmesh them into a dangerous underground culture.  Their aim is not to help these kids out of this destructive lifestyle, but to reinforce their "gay" or "transgender" identities as normal.


Apparently Contrada is an advocate of reparative therapy.  She thinks that the only way to "protect" these young people is to turn them straight…because, you know, straight people never get sexually transmitted diseases.

She seems particularly enamored of the "ballroom culture," which she describes as "sexually charged" and the LifeSkills program, which, among many other things, promotes safer sex.

It seems that anyplace that offers information about HIV/AIDS testing is "sexually charged" according to Ms. Contrada.

Here's a MassResistance video from 2011.

You might notice how particularly attracted to the transpeople the photographer was…or at least how much attempt was made to pick out the "trannies".

She ends her screed with the typical mongering of FEAR:

It is not hyperbole to say that the homosexual/transgender movement is exploiting vulnerable and often helpless youth who get trapped in these terrible behaviors for their own selfish political and cultural purposes.  It's not about saving kids from misery and death.  The concept of "empowering them" to attempt to "reduce the risk" of life-threatening diseases is really about propping up a corrupt and depraved national movement.

How is this happening?  A huge problem is public officials, particularly our elected legislators, both in Congress and at the state level.  In Massachusetts (and other states) the elected officials are willing to give enormous public funding to the homosexual movement.  But they refuse to question where the money goes, or challenge them in any way.  Much of it is cowardice, and some is sheer malevolence.  Congress is not much better in that regard.

Your children are at stake.  We need to confront our public officials up and down the line on this issue.  If you are willing to do that, contact us.  This cannot wait.  (There will be more on that in upcoming articles.)


In case you were wondering, she doesn't think any more of transmen than she does of transwomen.
The “sisterhood of transwomen” is apparently aided by a “brotherhood of transmen” (female-to-male, FTM transsexuals).


Okay.  I think I need to go wash out my brain now.
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