Governor Rick Perry is expected to call a third special session of the Texas Legislature following the failure of Republican legislators, who control both the House and the Senate, to take care of the state's business during the regular, or first, or second special sessions. As Katherine Haenschen over at BOR points out, Republicans are already trying to blame this on Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis, but we all know where the fault lies (emphasis original):
This third special session is the fault of Republicans, who despite huge majorities in the House and Senate and every statewide office, cannot seem to get basic functions of government under their control.

Republican leaders can't seem to rein in their anti-spending Tea Party contingent or the growing number of proto-statewide candidates in their party that care more about winning headlines and kowtowing to an extremely conservative primary electorate than getting anything done.


What's abundantly clear in all of this is that Republicans are not fit to govern Texas. They care more about scoring cheap political points with their primary voters than funding roads, and are more interested in passing vicious anti-woman legislation than doing anything to create jobs or grow our Texas economy.

Meanwhile, I'll be at tonight's Harris County voter registrar training, hanging out with a bunch of Democrats who are determined to register voters and to turn Texas back to blue. So I won't be here when this posts, but y'all know what to do.

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