Happiness comes from either improving your reality or lowering your expectations. I recommend the lowered expectations, and booze.

If you are feeling restless and unhappy with your life, examine the things you need to change to be a total psycho who doesn't give a fuck.

Don't worry about negativity online; this is all computer generated fantasy being piped into your comatose brain, anyway.

What would you be like if you were the last person on Earth? Do whatever it takes to BE that person. Whatever. WHATEVER. IT. TAKES, TREVOR.

People that have their shit together disgust me. Do you even know how to fuck things up? Ha, didn't think so.

This orange juice bottle says "shake well before opening." DON'T TELL ME HOW TO DRINK MY ORANGE JUICE YOU BOSSY BASTARDS.

I had one of those days that began lovely and then somewhere along the line I wanted to smash windows and break chairs over people's heads.

The Good the Bad and The Ugly



People are abundant. Humans are endangered. Morals are extinct. And honesty is a myth.

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