We are unable, as a nation, to see things from the viewpoint of other countries. We get "news" from state sponsored stations, run by five companies in what is a virtual monopoly since they all have the same agenda.

We get statements from the Administration that present only one side of an issue. We're told everything is being done to keep us safe, that we're going after those who attacked us on 9/11.

We occasionally hear somebody say we're creating new terrorists but we hardly pay any attention to that.

Well, here, beneath the "thing", is why, if we're ever attacked with a suitcase bomb (Bill Maher!) it'll be our own fault

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They hate us, folks, not because we love freedom, but for what we're doing there. Some "highlights" in this article, which is about leaders of the Pakistan government meeting with Sec. of State Kerry...

By the way, it really requires some “extraordinary” guts to sit with those—who attack you with drones, violate your sovereignty, kill your soldiers and civilians and have been repeatedly bullying and using you—with big smiles and attire that reflects the master’s culture than our own.
Kerry unequivocally defended the drones’ policy. Without caring for what Pakistan says about this serious breach of country’s sovereignty, he quoted what the US president recently said on drones. Kerry’s message was clear that drones would continue.
It appears that like its predecessors, the Nawaz government would continue to be allured by Washington’s lollipop—dollars. The sounds of expanded trade, more aid and energy cooperation again suppressed the cries of US drone strike and its so-called war on terror.
We are our worst enemy now. We, and I mean those of us here at dKos, know that it only takes a few crazy people to do a lot of damage. I think that if we don't stop this policy we're going to suffer consequences.

Mainly, though, I thought it might be interesting for us to get this very different perspective.

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