I grew up in a religious conservative home and most of the people in my life were religious conservatives.  Yes, the racism and the sexism and the bigotry were pretty awful.  Even if it tended to be of the mostly unspoken variety.  Be friends with black people, but don't marry a black person.  Be loving towards women, because they are the weaker sex.  Being gay is an abomination, but god will forgive you for playing doctor with your best friends at a sleepover.  But they had one redeeming quality.  They were populists.  They believed that they were their neighbors keeper.  Not just when they were feeling generous, but because it was the right thing to do.  It was what Jesus would do.

But they don't believe that anymore.  They have bought the gospel of selfishness and greed and turned into callous spiteful fuckers.

To deny expanding medicaid to care for the sick and injured poor.  You can't get any farther away from the heart of Christianity than that.  

That's not the religion i was raised in.  We believed in hell, which is just truly awful to believe in, but at least we believed it was for people who didn't give a damn about other people.  Who hurt other people or just stood by and let other people get hurt.  These days, the religious right, the base of the GOP, believes that hell is for people who want to freely heal the sick and feed the hungry and redeem sinners.  

People like Jesus.

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