This won't be long; I got this in my email here at work about an hour ago and thought it might be of interest to the denizens of this place... so follow me below the Gordian swirl...

As I have mentioned before, I am currently working on the healthcare.gov project as a Linux Engineer. As such, most of the commentary I have made regarding it has been in reference to the implementation and deployment... which is normal, IMO; it has consumed so much of my time, thinking, energy and effort for the last 15 months that it is difficult to view it any other way even though... to quote the tail end of  those cheesy "Hair Club for Men" commercials... "I'm also a client..."

The HR department sent out an infomercial about an hour ago that gave me a different perspective, if only for a moment... it states:


The 2010 health care reform law, or Patient Protection & Affordable
Care Act (PPACA), is the most significant regulatory overhaul of the
nation’s health care system in recent history. These reforms have
come at a time when health care costs are skyrocketing and other
trends, such as consumer-driven health care, are gaining wider
adoption. This dynamic environment is driving companies across America,
including $BIGHONKINGFEDGOVTITCONTRACTOR, to analyze what the reforms
and new trends mean for employee health care coverage.

Over the past few months, the leadership team has spent considerable
time understanding the impact of the law on our business and members.
We are now finalizing the details of two plans to be offered during open
enrollment this fall, both of which will align with the trend for
consumer-driven health care plans (CDHPs). Under a CDHP, you will control
your health care dollars which gives you greater visibility into, and
accountability for, managing your own costs. This shift to a self-directed
approach balances $BIGHONKINGFEDGOVTITCONTRACTOR's ability to provide you
with subsidized, affordable health care benefits while sustaining our
competitiveness and ability to win new and re-competed work.

To help you understand the changes, a communications campaign will begin
this month so you can learn about the law and how it relates to benefits
as well as how you can be a savvy health care consumer and better manage
your costs. Information on the proactive health management programs and
services we offer through our global health and wellness program will also
be shared.  Leading up to open enrollment, you will receive regular
communications, including invitations for information sessions.

While the new law and trends can be complex to understand, our
commitment to you is straightforward. We will continue to offer
benefits that are compliant with the evolving law; are
industry-competitive; and that enable you to plan for —and guard
against— major medical expenses and financial loss.

I encourage you to read the materials that will be shared and engage
in the information sessions throughout the communications campaign so
you can get the facts you need to make informed decisions.

What does it mean in real terms? Stay tuned. #TheTimesTheyAreAChangin'
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