"A Democrat challenging me?  In Texas?  Ohhh, I'm so SCARED."
Looks like the fight to rebuild the Democratic base in Texas is just beginning.

Democrat Michael Cole is the now the second Democrat to be challenging an incumbent Republican Congressman in the state of Texas.  The first one, Democrat James Cargas, is challenging Rep. John Culbertson.  Cole is this time challenging Rep. Steve Stockman in Texas' 36th Congressional District.


An East Texas Democrat has emerged as a challenger in TX-36 to Congressman Steve Stockman's antics on Capitol Hill. The 36th Congressional District is Southern-fried freedom loving country that stretches East from Pasadena through the pine curtain up to Jasper and also includes "Liberty County", the San Jacinto monument, and the Big Thicket National Preserve. The area isn't known for producing the most progressive candidates, but Democrats in the area are hoping for someone who won't make them the laughing Stock' (pun intended) of Congress.

Michael Cole, an educator for the Little Cypress-Mauriceville school district may be the man they are looking for. His passion for education and personal experience with our healthcare system (he is an amputee) give him the personal platform to run, but he also has a solid grasp on a surprising number of issues facing our current Congress.

Interestingly enough, Michael Cole ran as a libertarian in the 2012 race but is running again in 2014 as a Democrat.

At a recent Q&A forum on Facebook, here's an answer Michael Cole gave with regards to a question regarding the debate on free trade vs. fair trade:


Question:  How can we shift the discussion from "free trade" to "fair trade" and would that help bring good paying manufacturing jobs back to the US?

Michael Cole:  We shift the discussion from free trade to fair trade by talking about how un-free and unfair free trade actually is. Free trade is nothing more than protectionism under a different name. It goes a step further; it removes from our consideration the lack of respect for human rights that our trading partners are held to. By engaging in "free trade" we encourage corporations to move factories to nations without labor laws, work place safety or basic civil rights. We must make that trade fair. When that happens not only do we spread freedom and human dignity we also create markets for American goods.

As far as bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States, fair trade is but one of the tools that we must employ. An educated workforce is still needed; a strong infrastructure is still needed.

Not a bad answer for someone running against a Congressman in a deep red district.

And besides, why not challenge a man who threatens to impeach President Obama over an issue like gun control?

Or stupid crap that President Obama and others spent more time on Trayvon Martin than on Benghazi:


In an interview with Newsmax this week, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) lamented what he saw as a lack of progress on an investigation into the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, claiming that Washington politicians had "spent more time on Trayvon Martin" than on investigating foreign policy concerns stemming from the incident.

After making a number of allegations against Democrats and President Barack Obama, including that the administration was "stonewalling" and that certain lawmakers were trying to "trivialize" the so-called scandal, Stockman explained his frustration.

"We spent more time on Trayvon Martin than we did on foreign policy which could jeopardize other lives," he said. "It's a tragedy in this nation that we somehow lose focus on things and drop the ball. This is a really serious case and we see the administration, consulate and the Democrats in joining together in stopping the investigation."

I know you all are going gaga over Wendy Davis.  I am too but we also need to get fired up over other candidates running for office in Texas as well, like Michael Cole.  Certainly he won't be a lightning rod like Steve Stockman.

Support Michael Cole for Congress.  Website and donation links below:

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