Did you know that no Republican holds a major statewide office? The only Republican of note is Greg Walden, who represents the tumbleweed district that hooks on to Nevada and points east.

The other members of Congress are all Democrats. Our two Senators are Democrats. The Governor, the Secretary of State, the Treasurer....all Democrats.

Recently there was this small financial scandal among what's left of the Oregon Republican Party and the Chairperson, Suzanne Gallagher, has been forced to step down, leaving the door open for...

Evolution denier Art Robinson! This nut ran against Peter DeFazio and lost, of course, and somehow was just elected to be the Republican Chairman for the state. I guess they've truly given up!

Yes, he denies evolution, he denies global warming (naturally).

He wants more jobs in Oregon. How to get them? Deregulate! Too many rules! Too costly to go by them! And too many regulations mean too little drilling and strip mining!

As for the economy, replace paper money with gold and silver coins!

Here's a link to his site when he ran against DeFazio:


and his wiki entry:


The guy is actually perfect for us. He's so wacky he probably will have a tough time raising money which is, you know, what the Party Chairman is supposed to do, and is so out of touch he'll do absolutely zero to bring in new voters to his side.

Thanks, Oregon Repubs!

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