Received this e-mail today from Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran Kevin Strouse (D. PA-08) who is running against Tea Party Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R. PA-08) regarding the Paul Ryan budget that Fitzpatrick voted for:
This has to stop:

House Republicans are throwing a temper tantrum that could cut services that millions of Pennsylvanians rely on.

Obstructionist Republicans in Congress have brought back the Paul Ryan Budget that calls for deep cuts to Medicare. If they don’t get their way, the government could shut down on October 1st.

I refuse to let Congress hold our economy hostage because of their obsession with cutting Medicare -- so we’re taking action.

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Republicans like Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick seem more concerned with pushing their failed, partisan agenda than protecting America's seniors and the middle class. This is just wrong.

Sign your name now to stand up against Republican efforts to end Medicare as we know it.


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