Abu Ghraib Torture Victims Sued by Their Torturers
Common Dreams

'Defense' contractor CACI International has taken the shocking step of suing four former Abu Ghraib detainees who are seeking redress in U.S. courts for the company's role in torturing, humiliating and dehumanizing them, with the U.S. corporation recently requesting that the judge order the plaintiffs—all of whom are Iraqi—to pay CACI for legal costs.

CACI is demanding over $15,000 in compensation, mostly for witness fees, travel allowances and deposition transcripts, according to court documents.

Just weeks ago, a federal judge dismissed the former Abu Ghraib prisoners' lawsuit against CACI International on the grounds that because Abu Ghraib is oversees, it is beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. courts.

This is the very definition of "evil", and it actually blazes new territory.

It also sets up future generations of U.S. soldiers and citizens for legalized torture by other governments/corporations under this legal fiction we have established.

Since 2001, we have legalized invading other countries under false pretense, torture, universal surveillance (domestic and foreign), corporate criminal misconduct on a global scale, and assassinating U.S. citizens without meaningful due process. We have pretty much invalidated all amendments to the Bill of Rights except the 2nd and 3rd, plus scrubbed The Great Writ from the law books.

Many people living today are going to rue the past 12 years.

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