Snotty Walker might believe that enough time has passed for people to forget.  Maybe they have.

But I remember that he rescinded his appointment of Joshua Inglett when a RW group discovered that he signed the Walker recall petition.  Inglett, a University of Wisconsin - Platteville honor student was appointed by Walker to the single UW Student Regent position which was to be vacated May 1 with not only an appointment letter, but a public announcement.

After he rescinded the appointment, he ducked even our Republican-friendly media except he was caught once, on camera.  He said that there were "plenty of other candidates for the student regent position" when asked if he dumped Inglett because he signed the recall petition.  Naturally, the press never followed up on the punk move Walker made or the sniveling pettiness it revealed.

Today (a Friday, of course), Walker has announced his new appointment for the student regent position which has been vacant since May 1.

Gov. Scott Walker on Friday appointed a University of Wisconsin-Platteville student to the UW System Board of Regents after earlier this summer yanking another student's appointment because he didn't disclose that he signed a petition seeking the governor's recall two years ago.
Nice whitewash there, guys.  Blame Inglett  himself for having the rug pulled out from under his feet.  Inglett says he was never asked about it despite being asked numerous other questions on a plethora of topics over the months leading to his appointment.
Inglett, who will be a junior this fall, told the Journal Sentinel that an aide to Walker asked him after the appointment was announced whether he had signed the recall petition. He told him he had, and within hours another Walker aide left him a voice mail that made it clear to Inglett he wouldn't get the position.

Inglett said he'd spent months trying to get the two-year appointment and was frustrated that his signing the petition sank it at the last moment. What bothered him more was that he felt he was being portrayed as someone who wasn't forthcoming when he said he had answered everything he was asked.

He says he signed the recall petition to support his mother, a teacher, after she lost take home pay and union rights because of Act 10.

The now tainted student position on the Board of Regents has now been awarded to Chad Landes, also a student at UW - Platteville.  

And, yes, they've made sure that THIS student didn't sign the recall petition.

Mean and petty.  Trademarks of the GOP.  They don't even bother hiding it anymore.


This space awaiting more Friday News Dump news.

Here's video from yesterdays arrests of 3 members of the Raging Grannies and a 14 year old girl which I believe was from yesterday when Matt Rothschield, editor of the Progressive Magazine and Mark Clear, elected member of the Madison City Council were also arrested (diary here).

Thanks Arthur Kohl Riggs for more fine video.



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