I was chatting with my brother Andre' tonight about Iran.  Neither of us think that the US will go into a hot war with Iran as long as Obama is President.  But, in the course of that chat I wondered aloud about how Snowden getting asylum in Russia might affect our partnership with Russia as a pivotal ally in applying pressure to keep Iran from going nuclear.  

I hadn't really thought about it before, because Iran going nuclear is a priority on an entirely different order of magnitude than Snowden's leaks, so I couldn't imagine how it could cause serious problems.  But I wondered tonight if Snowden in Russia might be like having pulled a jenga piece from the tenuous relations we have been building with Russia since the end of the cold war.  And about what happens to the efforts to pressure Iran out of going nuclear if Russia isn't a part of the coalition.

I don't know.  What do you think?

And no, this is not an attack Snowden diary.  I like him.  I like what he did.  But what he did has caused a mess.  There's no denying that, even if you feel, like me, that it's worth the mess.  Well, at least, so far it seems to be.  In any case, I'm interested in a dispassionate discussion that isn't about defending or attacking or even judging Snowden.

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