I don't want government looking at or even logging anything I do.

Government should not be able to look at anything I do without probable cause.

This probable cause must be proved on a case by case basis to an appropriate court.

A time limit for surveillance should be imposed.

I demand to be informed at the end of this period what information was accessed, and why.

If the reasoning used to obtain this information was erroneous, I want recourse.

I want assurances that all the data collected is erased permanently.

Perhaps with the appropriate level of transparency and a reasonable freedom of information to see if you have been put under surveillance, the government might think twice before collecting mass data on its citizenry.

It should be hard to spy on your own people I really don't care if government finds all this legal shit difficult.

Before all this mass collection of data the country was hardly in chaos, we were not overrun by terrorists and warlords. Although some would like us to believe...you know..Sharia law!

There is no reason on earth for our government to behave like terrified children and take the easy way out.

The Patriot Act amongst others was a knee jerk reaction driven by a panic attack and a lot of hot air. Quite frankly if they really were concerned about our long term security there is another elephant in the room they could be dealing with; climate change.

There is no reason on earth why the USA [and others] needs to become an entrenched surveillance state, a little intelligence needs to be applied. The more you collect the more you will want to collect.

Funnily enough I trust most of them as far as I can throw them, and who will take their place in the future heaven alone knows.


surveillance should be

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