This GUNFAIL is as heartbreaking as all others, but it is made worse by the stupidity of it.  The Seattle Times reported today that Justin Small, 22, a student at Western Washington University died yesterday after accidentally shooting himself in the head while playing with a semi-automatic handgun he thought was unloaded.  The gun had been locked in a safe, Justin and his roommates were drinking and one of the roommates found the key to the safe.  The surviving roommates told police they were taking pictures with a different weapon while Justin was playing with the handgun. One roommate said he warned Justin several times to check if the gun was loaded.  The news story is at:


The police have labeled the shooting as an accident.  This is but one more incident showing that even when a gun owner locks up his guns, having guns in a house is never safe.  Washington is likely to have competing initiatives on the ballot in 2014, one from gun control advocates seeking to require background checks for all gun purchases and one from gun advocates seeking to restrict any gun control measures.  Gun control will continue to be front and center politically in Washington state for the next year.  Only Justin Small won't be around to vote on the issue.

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